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I managed to see the Statue of Liberty only after spending 4 weeks in New York. Recently I went to sleep at 4:30 am and usually sleep for 6 hours a day. My regular schedule looks as follows with one of the weekend days usually busy. And here are the details in ~1400 words on how Starta Accelerator program goes for GeoCV and me in NYC. In a single word – it’s intensive

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Anton Yakubenko

After gaining a better sense of the value of our products, we decided to move to New York and join Starta Capital’s acceleration program.
The accelerator team has helped us more quickly adapt to the American market through training seminars where we met investors, partners, and mentors.
We are now continuing to grow our network of customers, partners, and investors, and looking for another industry accelerator, which will help us make the next leap as a company.

Oleg Demidov

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